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Overview of our group at the Antonowicz Group - Rome and Utica, New York
Disability and Special Education Law Cases

The Social Security benefits process can be taxing, and challenging. Pursuing a disabled child's educational rights can be confusing and emotionally draining. Our staff at The Antonowicz Group and the Law Offices of Peter W. Antonowicz understands the steps and can put you on the right track.
Paper and pen - Social security benefits in Rome. NY
Attorney, Peter W. Antonowicz, Esq., went into the legal profession to help disadvantaged and disabled people who could not afford an attorney, and represented his first Social Security Disability applicant in 1982. He studied the rights of the disabled while in Law School and in clinical practice. He pursued these issues after he finished Law School in 1983, and throughout his legal career of over 30 years.

He spent his formative years as a Legal Aid Society attorney, after which he worked as a civil rights attorney protecting the rights of psychiatric patients and developmentally disabled residents in central and western New York. He has been active in disability rights organizations throughout his career, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of a parental advocacy group for the rights of disabled children. In 1992, attorney Peter W. Antonowicz opened his own law firm in Rome, New York, to devote all of his professional time to pursuing the legal rights disabled children and adults. More recently, he has successfully completed an extensive course of study at the Institute of Special Education Advocacy at William and Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Our firm is different

We care about our clients, and not about building a giant caseload. While other larger firms “handle cases”, we represent clients. Real people with real health problems are our clients, not faceless piles of medical or educational records.

Other large disability firms “handle cases” - and lots of them. They know that as long as they have a high volume they will win a certain percentage, no matter how little work they do. So they don't meet with you. They may not ever meet you until the day of your hearing. They do not tell what you need to do to improve your chances. They essentially just push papers around from their office to the Social Security Administration and show up hoping to collect a check.

We do not handle cases. We represent clients. You will meet us. You will speak with us. We will give you advice and legal counsel. You may still be frustrated by the delays in the Social Security disability system – it can take 20 months or more to get a hearing – but you will be told what to expect and how to help your own claim. You will be an active participant in the preparation of your claim and the gathering of proper evidence. We will be engaged in a partnership to work toward the successful pursuit of your legal interests.

Likewise for our education law clients. We will be partners, and we will have roles and responsibilities. My staff and I will inform you of what you need to be doing to help us provide the best case for the sake of your child. You will not be alone in your child's cause.
We practice:
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD)
  • Supplemental Security Income(SSI)
  • Worker Compensation Law
  • SSD/SSI appeals and denied claims
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Special Education Law
Disability cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means we do not receive attorney fees unless you obtain SSD/SSI benefits. Attorney Peter W. Antonowicz, Esq., has obtained benefits for thousands of claimants, and we are prepared to leverage his decades of experience to work toward the benefits to which you may be entitled.
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