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Social Security Lawyer
in Rome and Utica NY

Social Security Disability Insurance(SSD) or Supplemental Security Income(SSI) can be a daunting and complicated process. Some who apply for the benefits, without(and sometimes with) a legal advocate often make mistakes because they do not fully understand the requirements, and have their applications denied. The Antonowicz Group of legal advocates and professionals understand this process, and can help.
SSS Paper - Supplemental security income in Rome. NY
Lady Justice - Supplemental security income in Rome. NY
You may find other big firms advertising on TV or online who claim to specialize in Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI claims. Oftentimes they don't even have an attorney on staff. Of the ones owned by an attorney, the attorney you see on TV is usually not the attorney you will meet. These firms are seeking high-volume business. They do everything by mail and Internet. You may not even meet them until the day of your hearing. They are looking to handle as many “cases” as possible. They know that they will still make money even if they succeed in a small percentage of a large number of cases. Those firms handle cases, and lots of them.
In my office, we do not handle cases. Instead, we represent clients. We do not merely gather medical records and send them along. We meet with our clients. We advise our clients on what they should be doing to help win their case. We advise our clients on they must do to help us win. We interact with our clients' family members with regard to the information that they can provide to assist. We advise clients on how to communicate with their physicians and other healthcare providers. We prepare our clients to testify at any hearing that may be needed.
I became an attorney to advise and represent clients with regard to legal affairs. I studied Social Security law while in law school. I represented disability claimants while I was still a law student and even wrote briefs to the United States District Court on behalf of disabled individuals before I even graduated from law school. I have represented disability claimants since 1982. I became an attorney so that I may represent clients, not so that I can handle a large volume of cases without regard to the outcome of any particular case.

When you decide to hire legal representation for your disability claim, remember that you are not merely a “case”. You are an individual who has unfortunately suffered disabilities and who can benefit from legal representation. Please hire someone who will treat you like a valued client, rather than a faceless “case”.
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