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Be Aware of These SSDI Hearings Trick Questions

Published by Peter Antonowicz

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your application for disability benefits, don’t lose hope. There are other steps you can take to prove your claim and receive the benefits you have earned.

One of the steps to appealing a claim is attending a disability appeal hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ). This process can be intimidating, but with the proper preparation and assistance, you can confidently attend the hearing and present your case.

Gavel sits atop a stack of binders full of papers.

5 Tricky Disability Hearing Questions

Your testimony is crucial at this point. Vague or contradictory answers can damage your case, so it’s in your best interest to be well-prepared. Here is a list of questions that may seem innocent, but could easily trip you up as you answer.

Are you taking all your medications as prescribed?

Your medical records will show the prescriptions you have taken in the past and are currently taking. Be honest about any you have stopped temporarily or permanently, and disclose why. If you are seeking an alternate drug, explain so in detail.

Can you drive?

You can be disabled and still have the ability to drive. If you have any impairments that affect your driving, explain those at this time. These could include things like dizziness or range of motion.

Do you take care of any children?

Explain what you are able to do and what you are not able to do, and if this affects your ability to provide proper care.

What kinds of activities do you participate in?

Don’t withhold information but be sure to include any limitations. Also explain how your participation may have changed since you first began, particularly if you are unable to fully participate anymore.

Why are you unable to work?

Describe in detail the issues that prevent you from working. These can include difficulty sitting, standing, walking, lifting, etc. Mental faculties may also be affected such as inability to focus or remember tasks.

Disability Attorneys

The best way to prepare for a hearing with a disability judge is to consult with a Social Security disability attorney. The disability lawyers here at Antonowicz Group have the experience necessary to help you understand what to expect from a hearing, and to help you fully prepare for the meeting. Schedule your free consultation today to begin your appeal for Social Security disability benefits.

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