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Chris M. on 11/15/22:I am writing this letter to thank you for your services to me. I want you to know that me notating my medical and mental symptoms and giving them to the appropriate physicians/providers assists me. Your teachings about how to prepare such documentation to provide to them with enough information and details is astonishing. Your teachings have done their job and now I am able to write such documentation that assists me in my personal life by helping my mental health stay positive and to help my psychologist help me. It also assists my medical providers stay on track with my medication intake, which is not always possible even if they take their own lists because they fail to notate it in all systems.

No one would help me when you did, and I would have never gotten Social Security benefits if I did not have your assistance to prove my disabilities. The way you assisted me was professional and thorough compared to what a public defender/legal aid lawyer would/could have done. Many Social Security Lawyers do not want to assist those appealing a termination of SS benefits and will only help you if you are trying to reapply, which does not make sense me to.

If you did not help me with filling out paperwork, I would have never filled it out, and I would have let my disabilities get the best of me. I would have been so stressed out, nervous and depressed mentally and I would have let me physical pain eat me up. Ultimately, I would have chosen to live in a catholic charity under my insurance if I could not have gotten any assistance if my benefits were terminated.

Your ability to collaborate with disabled people and help them through what they are going through is incredible. I would have been absolutely lost and devastated if you did not help me. I will definitely be able to have confidence and ease of mind with continuing to be able to get the Social Security benefits I will probably need for the rest of my life. My mind is at ease knowing I can reach out to you for help if I hit another roadblock with required paperwork or worse, potential termination of my benefits. Your care and hopefulness for disabled people to succeed in life and/or be happy even if they cannot work while on Social Security benefits is uplifting and I thank you.

Amy M. in October 2022:Very attentive and caring. They listen and work hard for your case.

Thomas N. in October 2022:I have nothing but good things to say about Pete and his staff. He was a big help when I was experiencing trouble with the Social security administration. I believe that he gave me great advice when was at a cross road with my Workers Compensation case. Pete asked questions and really listened to what I had to say. Thanks to both you and your staff.

Brenda F. in July 2022:A great learning experience through it all for me as well as an outstanding lawfirm!! Stay with them!!

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