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When Does Disability Convert to Regular Social Security?

Published by Peter Antonowicz

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, it may help to understand how long those benefits last. At a certain point, the benefits automatically change over to regular Social Security benefits.

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When beneficiaries reach full retirement age, the benefits automatically convert to retirement benefits. The full retirement age varies somewhat, depending on when you were born. For retirees born in 1960 or after, the retirement age is 67. If you were born before that, it’s age 66 plus some months, depending on your exact date of birth.

Even if you retire early, the benefits will not convert until you reach the age of full retirement. In most cases, the benefit amount remains the same. You may be wondering if you can receive disability benefits and regular Social Security benefits at the same time. The answer is no; you cannot.

These rules apply to recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

If you are interested in applying for SSDI or SSI, we recommend retaining an experienced disability attorney. Their legal support and guidance can ensure your application is completed correctly and that sufficient supporting documentation is included.

To learn more about disability benefits, contact the dedicated disability lawyers at the Antonowicz Group in Rome, NY. Our compassionate attorneys will be glad to assist you, regardless of where you are in the process of your claim. We can help you complete and file the application or file an appeal on your behalf if you have been denied. Call or reach out online today to schedule a free consultation.

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