Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers in Rome, NY

Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers in Rome, NY

Have you been diagnosed with a disorder that prevents you from being able to work or function in your daily life? If so, then you should consider applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

These SSD benefits provide stability and resources where there otherwise would be none since these individuals are unable to work. The application process for your SSD claim can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing. It’s not uncommon for people to often feel defeated and give up before ever actually applying.

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Applying for SSDI or SSI

Applying for disability benefits hinges on providing complete and thorough information along with comprehensive documentation that proves the claim. The supporting evidence needed for one disease or condition varies widely, depending on which bodily system is affected.

Generally speaking, the evidence needed for each claim is quite similar. To build a strong foundation for your claim, we recommend gathering the following:

A Diagnosis

For some, this is one of the most difficult pieces of evidence to gather. The Social Security Administration has a Blue Book List of Impairments that outlines the tests needed for you to be eligible.
When a diagnosis isn’t possible to obtain, hope is not lost. For most impairments in the Blue Book, there are documented symptoms that can also be used as evidence for your claim.

Your Medical Record

What helps build a foundation for your case is often your medical record before and after receiving a diagnosis. It can sometimes take years to find a specialist that can properly diagnose a condition. This can be beneficial for your claim: you will have medical visits documenting symptoms of your condition over time. Key pieces of your medical record to include as evidence include doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and medical testing.

Documented Treatment

Some people can manage your specific condition with different medical treatments. That does not have to be the case for you. If you’ve pursued medical treatment without improvement, then you’re more likely to have a stronger claim.

Testaments From Friends, Caretakers, or Previous Employers

While not always deemed necessary depending on the condition, documented testaments can help strengthen your claim.Some examples include others witnessing an episode of your disorder, or not being able to work or perform daily activities. These can make solid arguments for your claim.

If the claimant happens to have more than one disability, then the terms for approval can become more obfuscated. Having legal support is particularly helpful in these cases when discerning what will suffice as proof.

By pursuing your case with a trusted social security disability attorney, you’re less likely to face disapproval and the need to pursue an appeal.

NY Social Security Disability Lawyers – Rome, New York

Antonowicz Group is a team of highly experienced disability lawyers in Rome, NY. Our attorneys do not merely take on disability cases. We also develop client relationships that provide insight into each claim.

We get to know each person and their specific set of circumstances, then we build the disability claim around them. No two claims are identical just as no two people are, and we treat each client and case accordingly.

Our legal team has 60 years of combined experience from law school and representing claims in court. We have fought for disability claims in the

  • United States District Court
  • United States Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court

The team at Antonowicz Group will diligently pursue your case until you receive the results you deserve.

If you’ve previously pursued your claim alone and were denied, this doesn’t mean you cannot file again. Our attorneys can fight diligently for your appeal while you focus on taking care of yourself at home.

We Are The Disability Advocates Of Central New York

Our attorneys are advocates for our clients and are passionate about providing legal assistance and representation throughout the entire claims process.

We treat our clients as we would want to be treated – with respect, compassion, and dignity. Let our attorneys communicate on your behalf while you focus on resting and awaiting the results of your claim. Our firm will correspond with medical institutions, caregivers, previous employers, and administrative law judges as we fight for your claim.

Because the disability claims process can take weeks or months at a time, our lawyers will make sure all correspondence is done as promptly and thoroughly as possible. We strongly urge you not to file your social security disability application without an experienced attorney by your side.

Disability Benefit Consultations With Our Law Firm in Rome, NY

No matter what type of disability a person might be facing, our social security disability attorneys are here to help you.

The attorneys with Antonowicz Group have the expertise needed to alleviate fears or stress throughout the application or appeals process. We will fight diligently for your disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

We also have an intake and hearing specialist on staff. These individuals will work closely with each of our clients as we gather evidence through your medical records, references, and more.

We are experts in our ability to navigate the Social Security Administration and the U.S. legal system. We will correspond with insurance companies without backing down, and make specific requests for proof from medical professionals on your behalf.

Unlike lawyers that help with personal injury cases, the people we help are not just clients or claimants. The claims and appeals that we fight for are not just part of our job. We also take to heart our ability to help people live better lives. SSDI and SSI claimants should receive the social security disability benefits they deserve.

If you or a loved one are considering filing for disability benefits, then please contact our firm. You do not have to undergo this process alone. Get a free case evaluation and legal advice before you file. Let us help you and handle all of the leg work involved in the disability claims or appeal process.

Call today to schedule your free consultation with our New York social security disability team.

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