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Applying for long-term disability benefits can be an exercise in frustration, especially when 70% of initial applications are denied. Having the initial claim denied doesn’t mean the Social Security Administration doesn’t recognize your disability as legitimate.

A common reason for rejection is making administrative mistakes on the form where the applicant overlooked or misunderstood information. Another reason is insufficient substantiation, so it’s important to review what was included in the original claim.

An appellate attorney can advise you about what to include with your appeal to prove your disability and claim are legitimate. The Social Security disability lawyers at Antonowicz Group have the experience and expertise needed to help you. They will guide you through the Court of Appeals and be by your side every step of the way.

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Appeals Process

Whether appealing a denial for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), we will provide the legal support you need. Our attorneys will help you to file an appeal with complete information and sufficient documentation to prove your claim. Any time your claim is denied, we will discuss what happened and the best way to proceed.


The first step in the appeal process is to request reconsideration, which entails a secondary review by a different person. This is similar to asking for a second opinion, and it allows you to provide additional medical records and report changes in your situation.

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

We can request an online hearing with an ALJ, allowing you to interact with a judge on a more personal level. Your appellate attorney can help you understand what to expect from this, and assist you in preparing for the hearing.

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Appeals Council

If the ALJ again denies your claim, you can request a review before an Appeals Council. If the request is approved, your claim will be scrutinized and may be sent back to the ALJ.

Federal Court Review

The Social Security disability attorneys at Antonowicz Group have sued the Social Security Administration several times for appeals cases. We know appellate law inside and out and will not back down from federal court.

Buffalo Disability Appeal Lawyer

Because we care about our clients, we go the extra mile whenever possible. We are passionate about improving the quality of life for our clients. When you need an appellate lawyer for your disability appeal in Buffalo, trust the attorneys at Antonowicz Group to fight for your case.

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